All About My Bible

Happy Wednesday!
I wanted to use this post to share the deets on my Bible, it’s my favorite one I’ve ever owned & I couldn’t recommend it enough!
I’ve been using She Reads Truth for about a year now. SRT was founded in 2012 by women with a goal of keeping us in the Word every day. They provide free daily community reading plans on their website & app, study books, & Bibles. All of their Bibles are CSB (you can read more about the Christian Standard translation here). The CSB translation makes it easier to read & fully understand, While it’s important to read in the correct context & study different versions, the CSB is perf if you’re a newbie to the Bible 🙂

She Reads Truth goes above & beyond to help you understand the Bible. The first few sections are dedicated to teaching you how to read the Bible, an intro to the Christian Standard translation, maps & all historical timelines from Genesis to Revelation. Every chapter is associated with a different color to teach you about the genre you’re reading, navy is history, pink is poetry, light blue are the gospels & so on. The colors are also associated with maps & timelines laid out in each chapter as well. In the very back of the Bible, you’ll find a 1 year reading plan, an alphabetized topical index (depression, anxiety, loneliness, marriage, Godly living, eating disorders, revenge, times of waiting, stress, suicide just to name a few) with passages linked to what you’re going through & more. I love referencing the topical index often, there are 210 topics listed!

The She Reads Truth Bible breaks every book down with a key verse from the chapter, a historical timeline, background, cultural context, purpose & author. I find it helpful to understand what’s going on fully before diving in, especially with the Old Testament. Every book has a custom reading plan of its own with supplementary passages for added content & great understanding of the chapters. Certain days of the reading plan that are marked in bold contain devotionals built into chapters. I love them if I’m short on time! Since everything is broken down & easier to understand, I’m more motivated to open my Bible daily. Again, it’s important to study different versions, however, I didn’t open my Bible often when I had a KJV or a NKJV, they were too difficult for me to comprehend. Hopefully it’s not just me 😉 Every page has a layout with extra wide margins for note taking, it’s truly my favorite part of having this Bible! It helps me keep my thoughts, notes & what I’m learning in one place to look back on.

Along with She Reads Truth, they have sister companies called He Reads Truth & Kids Read Truth, both cater to men & children!
Brian has the He Reads Truth Bible, as well as some study books & enjoys them.

To save $5 off of your next purchase with any of the She Reads Truth or He Reads Truth products
Click here! 🙂

Having these resources keep me motivated to open my Bible daily, even if it’s just a 10 minute devo!
Starting my day with Jesus keeps me grounded & feeling confident, worthy & loved daily 🙂

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