4 Ingredient Alfredo

One of my favorite meals growing up was fettuccini Alfredo, homemade & from Olive Garden 😉 I put together a healthier version of Alfredo sauce! Pair it with pasta & peas (complete protein for my plant based friends!) or some chicken & broccoli! I don’t have a vegan version of this so I’m sorry to my vegan followers :’) I purposefully chose heavy whipping cream or heavy cream because it is lighter & lower in fat. It doesn’t make it taste any different in my opinion!

Serves 4


1 c heavy whipping cream
3 tbsp I Can’t believe It’s Not Butter
3 tsp garlic powder
1 bag shaved or shredded Parmesan & Asiago cheese blend

If you can’t find the blend go for a bag of asiago & 1 c grated Kraft parmesan cheese!


1) In a small saucepan melt your butter & garlic powder over low-medium heat.
2.) Once melted, add the whipping cream & bring to a simmer
3.) Once simmering, stir in the cheeses
4.) Continue stirring until fully melted & mixed.
5.) Serve while still warm!

To reheat, do so in 15-30 second increments.

Enjoy 🙂

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