When you’re feeling insecure..


Yesterday I was having one of “those days” where I was feeling insecure and picking myself apart. I do my best to stay positive & not compare myself to others, but some days it’s hard not to. I hate admitting that lolll. I know I’m not the only one tho. Social media rarely helps haha. I had my Bible open to Genesis on my desk & was sitting working, minding my business when a strong wind came through my window & forced things to fly off my desk & my Bible to flip through pages until it stopped at Proverbs 8:22-36. It was weird tbh, I never get a breeze in my office! I was about to close my Bible when I realized what it actually flipped to.

The passage reads:
‘The Lord acquired me at the beginning of His works of long ago. I was formed before ancient times, from the beginning, before the Earth began. I was born when there were no watery depths & no springs filled with water. Before the mountains were established, prior to the hills, I was given birth. Before He made the land, the fields, or the first soil on Earth, I was there when He established the heavens, when He laid out the horizon on the surface of the ocean, when He placed the sky above, when the fountains of the ocean gushed out, when He set a limit for the sea so that waters would not violate His command. I was a skilled craftsman beside Him. I was His delight every day, always rejoicing before him. I was rejoicing in His inhabited world, delighting in the children of Adam. “And now sons, listen to me; those who keep My ways are happy. Listen to instruction and be wise; don’t ignore it. Anyone who listens to Me is happy, watching at My doors daily, waiting by the posts of My doorway. For the one who finds Me finds life & obtains favor with the Lord. But the one who misses Me harms himself, all who hate me love death.”’

we were already loved, set apart & had a purpose before we were born. We were made in His image & He knew us before He formed the oceans, the mountains or the soil in the Earth. Finding joy in the Lord means finding joy in who we are & who we are created to be, in what we look like, what our purpose in, where we live, who we’re surrounded by etc❤️

happy Friday!

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