How To Take Your Own Christmas Card Photos

Hi all & welcome back to another post.
This was one I was so excited to write! I asked you guys on an IG poll a couple of weeks ago if you wanted me to share how I was taking our photos on my iphone & so many of you voted yes!
It’s a lot simpler than you think!

Step 1: Set the stage

Decide what vibe you want & what you want your setting to be. I wanted some simple outdoor photos allowing nature to be our backdrop & then cozy ones by the fire place inside. If you’ll be indoors, try & find a space with lots of natural light. If you’re unsure on a back drop find a couple of pine trees with snow or even your couch with your tree in the background, either one will make the perfect Christmas background!
Decide what you want to wear, I recommend color coordinating, wearing sweaters or even Christmas Pjs work great.

Step 2: Get your props

What you need:
A Tripod for your phone. I love these two!
Both come with bluetooth remotes, if you need extra lighting, the ring light helps

Decide what props you want in your photos, these are the props I used for our indoor photos:
Santa hat
Mr & Mrs Coffee Mugs
I wasn’t able to find the exact same ones but I linked other ones Target had!
Mrs Claus Mug
Mr Claus Mug
Men’s Buffalo Plaid PJs
Women’s snowflake thermal PJ set

For our outdoor photos, we wore clothes we already had & didn’t use props, makes it more simple!

Step 3: Set your props how you want them

Set your tripod up first, decide what you want in the Frame of your photo (you can have your Christmas tree, stockings over the fireplace, whatever you want!) then adjust your tripod & decorate/have everyone sit from there. I recommend using “Portrait Mode” on your phone if you have it, it gives photos a more professional look.

Step 4: Take your photos
You can research some poses on Pinterest if you don’t know where to start! Decide if you want non traditional candid type of photos or simple, “smile & look at the camera poses”. It’s good to have a mix so that you have lots to choose from. Remember to relax & have fun, you can tell if a smile is fake in a photo 😉
Set your timer or use the tripod remote & take your photos! You only need 2-3 photos for your card so don’t stress if some don’t turn out 🙂

Step 5: Pick your favorites & edit
Choose 2-3 photos that you want for your cards & edit. I use the Lightroom app to edit photos, it’s an easy way to apply presets (aka filters) to your photos & makes editing a photo take 30 seconds! I personally use my own presets, you can find my 6 preset pack here!

Before | After
Preset: Warm
Adds warm tone to photos while brightening
Before | After
Preset: Vibrant
Subtle change, but boosts colors while still looking natural

Step 6: Find a website to create your Christmas card
Walgreens & Costco have great affordable designs, if you’re interested in splurging, look at Zazzle! If you’re looking for sales, Walgreens is currently having one for 60% off using code “HIFALL60” through Nov 28th!
When I ordered I was able to get 40 cards + 40 envelopes for $17!

Step 7: Scent your card
This is a very unnecessary but very needed step ;). When you’re getting ready to send your cards, put 4 drops of essential oil onto a cotton ball & put it in a sealed bag with your stationary. Leave it for 24 hours, your cards will have an amazing scent!
Scents to use:
Candy Cane Lane
Sparkling Cinnamon

Another option is to get an essential oil room spray & lightly spritz one time on your cards & envelopes before sending!
Sparkling Cinnamon Room Spray

If you purchase through my referral link from Eden’s Garden, you & I BOTH receive points towards money off purchases 😉 My referral link

I hope you enjoyed this post & it helps you to create your own Christmas cards! As much as I love professional photos, you don’t always need a professional photographer to get amazing photos!

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