Workout Apps I’m Loving

I feel like I’ve enjoyed my home workouts more since we started social distancing. I think it’s because I no longer had to rush through them in order to get to work on time in the morning. My body is actually recovering so much better too. Before our stay-at-home order, I was going through a “Building phase” where I was purposefully eating more calories & pushing more weight in the gym (most likely will never do this again but that’s for another time lol). While I had good form, I didn’t have great mind to muscle connection, I’ve noticed that since switching it up, I’m more sore but in the best way. I was also only into one type of workout: Basic weight lifting. There was heavy work on boosting strength, but not much on bettering my endurance & zero cardio work.. I started doing more cardio based, circuit style training in April & I’ve grown to love it so much more than basic body building style workouts!

While some gyms are opening, most are currently not so I wanted to share my 3 favorite workout apps I’ve been using during social distancing/while gyms are still closed!

Kira Stokes Fit
This is the only workout app I’m willing to pay for! Kira Stokes is a NASM certified personal trainer & has been training women in person for over 20 years! Aka.. She knows her stuff. She tells you what’s going to work & why & demonstrates exactly how to perform movements properly to avoid injury. Her goal is to have you be able to perform the movement without having to look at the screen! Her app has a mix of circuit style training, jump rope & band workouts, full body, stretching, body part specific & lots & lots of core work! I’ve been able to improve my core stabilization & actually have noticed a change in my core definition since starting her app (two months ago)! The only equipment you need for her workouts are resistance bands, a small stability ball  (I use a decorative pillow instead), core sliders & a set of dumbbells. Since dumbbells are hard to find right now, I’ve used soup cans (1lb each) & 1 gallon water jugs (8.4lbs each). First 7 days are free, then it’s either $14 per month or $100 per year!

Pure Barre Go
Pure Barre is a low impact, high rep full body workout using body weight, core sliders, resistance bands, a stability ball & a light set of dumbbells (either 2lb, 3lb or 5lb!) Don’t let the light weight fool you, I am ALWAYS sore after these workouts. I love dropping into the studio every once in a while for a workout to switch it up! This app is a great way to bring Pure Barre home! Pure Barre studios are also offering daily FB Live workouts (you need to have a membership to access these though :)).

Peloton App
This one is awesome even if you don’t have the bike! This app has guided outdoor running workouts, yoga, stretching, strength & bootcamp style workouts! AND your first 30 days are free!


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