Non Toxic Living: Sunscreen Edition

Summer is approaching & I love finding & using products that don’t harm my health or the environment. Everyone uses sunscreen (or at least you should. In this study  done by Mayo Clinic, skin cancer rates have risen from 145% to 263% from 2000 to 2010) & you can find it everywhere.. grocery stores, pharmacies, Amazon, but have you ever looked into what’s actually in your sunscreen?

The two most popular ingredients in chemical sunscreens are Oxybenzone & Octinoxate, both have been found to mess with the endocrine system & cause issues with a woman’s reproductive system, thyroid & metabolism & lower testosterone in adolescent men (source). While studies have been done, the FDA still deems these ingredients as no cause of concern, but the fact that there are some studies supporting this evidence, it’s best to stay away. The point of these two ingredients are to absorb UV rays, they don’t actually block them.

“Mineral sunscreens are made with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide…Evidence suggests that few if any zinc or titanium particles penetrate the skin to reach living tissues”, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Mineral sunscreens work to physically block the UV rays & reflect them, rather than allowing your body to absorb them.
Read This:
“There are also two types of UV radiation: UVB, which is responsible for actual sunburns, & UVA rays, which penetrate deeper. Mineral-based, physical blockers protect against both. But since chemical blockers absorb the rays instead, this allows UVA to reach those deeper layers of your skin and do damage” – 
Jeanette Jacknin, M.D., San Diego–based holistic dermatologist & author of Smart Medicine for Your Skin. switch to Mineral Sunscreens is their impact

Soo what should I look for?

Look for sunscreens with zinc oxide & titanium dioxide as their active ingredients & an SPF 30 or higher. These mineral sunscreens are also considered to be ‘reef-safe’. Chemical sunscreens have been banned in states like Hawaii as they’re proven to cause harm to marine life & kill coral reefs. Thankfully, Florida/Key West & the US Virgin Islands are in the process of enforcing this law as well, but won’t be in effect until 2021. 

Pictured above, Sun Bum is a clean, vegan, reef safe, paraben free, sulfate free mineral sunscreen pumped with vitamin E to help neutralize free radicals & promote anti-aging. Won’t clog pores & smells like coconut & bananas! Hence the monkey 😉 This one is my all time favorite. They also have a line called Baby Bum for kids!

Elta MD
This one has been recommended to me numerous times! This clean sunscreen is also heavily recommended by estheticians. It goes on clear, doesn’t clog pores or give you a greasy feeling so it’s great on your face under makeup! They have options for face & body.

Supergoop’s Unseen Screen
Clean, reef safe, fragrance free, non-greasy & clear! Goes on smooth & won’t clog pores, invisible under makeup! I enjoy this one but I feel like I have to re apply more often throughout the day!

Neutrogena Sheer Zinc
This is a great option if you want a mineral sunscreen for a more affordable price. This one isn’t meant for your face (they have a sheer zinc for face available) but it is cleaner (still contains PEGs but not a horrible option!), hypoallergenic & gentle. I personally haven’t used this one, but the reviews are great!

I hope you were able to learn something new today & are one step closer to a toxin free home!


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