Maui Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa Review

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Welcome back to my blog! As promised, I’m doing a full review over Maui’s Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa. I find these helpful for future travel & hopefully you do too! This is a 4 star resort located in Lahaina, Maui along the three mile Ka’anapali Beach. The Hyatt Regency has 10 different restaurant/food options including Japengo which is named the number one place to get sushi in Maui, 6 different pools, a gorgeous spa, a gym over looking the beach, penguins (yes penguins!), a shopping center with a MACY’S, it’s own luau & more!


I’ll talk about what we paid to stay there, where we ate outside of the resort and I’ll review the resort restaurants for you too!
First things first.
Upon arrival we received leis & actually had people open our car doors for us & get our luggage for us haha. We’re not fancy people so I was like.. wut. But it was nice!
Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 11.29.10 AMThe lobby is HUGE & extremely gorgeous




Our Room
We were able to get a partial ocean view room. It was a simple room with a roomy bathroom, bathrobes & slippers, TV, couch, King bed etc! It had an awesome view of the pool/ocean to the left & mountains to the right. We paid $218/night, when it’s regularly $750/night. We got that price because Brian had a medical conference making it cheaper for us! Rates do change depending on the time of year you go, while it was $750 a night over spring break, its now currently $650. You can also book this resort through or & find cheaper rates.
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Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 11.29.30 AM
The Pools
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There are 6 different pools on the property!
The one pictured is the main one. There is another attached to the pool bar with a 150ft water slide, a kid’s pool, a heated pool that’s 83º, not sure why anyone would need that one when it was over that temp every day in Maui haha, a couple hot tubs & a pool meant for Hyatt Regency Club Members only (the pool you see when you look out from our lanai in our room. We didn’t swim in the pools at all because the beach & ocean is RIGHT THERE, but most people did enjoy the pools.
The Restaurants 
There are 10 different restaurant/food options at the Hyatt, we tried most of them only one time just because we love trying local places as well.


Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 3.38.13 PM
Honolulu Coffee Co.
This little coffee shop has a sit-down area inside. You can get smoothies, açaí bowls, waffles, fresh juices, yogurt parfaits & more. I got us an almond milk latte every morning 🙂 It was pretty affordable but because it’s Hawaiian grown Kona Coffee, An almond milk latte was $5, but forever worth it for Kona coffee. I stopped here every morning before yoga for a fresh guava juice.


Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 3.49.00 PM
This restaurant is located next to the main pool with lunch & dinner options & a bar. It is pricier but has basic bar type food for lunches such as wings, fish sandwiches, burgers, fries & I got avocado toast which was pretty good! Dinners at ‘Umalu are pretty similar with sandwiches, fish options like Cod & Mahi Mahi. We never ate dinner here but lunch was good! We did most of our drinking here & made friends with the bartenders & loved chatting with them about their life in Hawaii. ‘Umalu had different drink specials every day & my favorite drink to get was a Skinny Lilikoi Piña! You can also swing by here for late night drinks & eats until 11PM!

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 3.52.10 PM
Swan Court Breakfast
This is the only breakfast restaurant located in the resort. It’s located in a pretty building that’s wide open & looks over a pond full of swans & ducks! I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t very impressed.. I got my French toast that I always love getting each time we go to Hawaii. It was supposed to be coconut & pineapple but they just gave me coconut butter & shredded coconut on it. There was no side of fruit like I usually get. It was good but was also $20 & def not worth it.. We didn’t eat breakfast here again after that! When checking in, the guy even told us it wasn’t worth it & to go elsewhere. He was right! We did most of our breakfasts as local places & at other resorts 5 min down the beach, but I’ll get into those later!


The best restaurant! It was just as amazing as the reviews said it was. This place is named the Best Sushi In Maui. We got a 5 course meal with poké, then the Chef’s Special Sushi, which came with 8 rolls with fresh ginger, lemon, ahi tuna, avocado, cilantro etc. It was amazing. For dinner Brian got ahi tuna & I got the Chef’s Special which was lobster tail & fresh caught mahi mahi with a bbq drizzle & a garlic aioli sauce. For dessert we had malasadas with caramel, chocolate & guava sauces. SO GOOD. I def recommend going to Japengo if you’re staying in Lahaina!

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 11.57.21 AM
Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice
A well known Hawaiian Shave Ice place in Hawaii! It was nice to have one at the resort. What sets them apart is that they use real cane sugar to sweeten their syrups & there’s no artificial colors or flavors so it tastes 10x better! We got guava, mango & passion fruit flavors then went to eat it on the beach!


Drums of the Pacific Lu’au
This Lu’au was smaller than another we’ve been to but it was good! We chose general seating ($123/person) which I was glad we did because the place is so small, it’s not worth it to sit up front (3 tables closer to the stage) for $158/person. Upon checkin/arrival, you’re greeted with a professional photo, a lei & a mai tai. It’s all you can drink so we ended up getting a beer with dinner as well. Dinner was amazing & it’s also all you can eat. I had A LOT of poké 🙂 There is a show as well & the entire event lasts about 1.5 hours. It was nice when it was done to just have to walk up to our room & not have to drive back to our hotel. We ended up changing into PJs & sitting on the beach afterwards!

Accents is the convenience store loaded with wine, beer, dessert, snacks, lunch & breakfast options! They have fresh sushi made daily, yogurt parfaits, fresh Hawaiian fruits & more. We came here a lot for snacks, dessert & beer to have on the beach.

We chose not to eat here. This menu is full of steak (obvi) & lobster tail. We were actually told by the guy checking us in that it’s not worth it & we can find steak & lobster tail that tastes just as good for cheaper prices at local restaurants which I’ll get to in a bit 🙂


The Beach
We really loved the beach! Ka’anapali Beach is a 3 mile long beach that connects multiple resorts, restaurants, shops etc. Lots of locals hang out on this beach (not much in front of the resorts though). The part of the beach in front of ours had lots of turtles swimming close to shore & turtle egg shells ( What I’m holding in the above photo!). Tbh I wish we were there when all of the eggs hatched! Our first night we sat on the beach & watched the sunset which casted a rainbow on the mountains (Above photo) Every morning before yoga & after, I would sit on the beach & listen/watch the waves until Brian got done with his conference stuff for the day! One of the days a Hawaiian Monk Seal came up on the beach & took a nap
Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 12.38.11 PM—————————————


Things to Do
-Snorkel: We brought our own snorkel gear but tbh the snorkel wasn’t good 😦 I only saw a couple of fish & some turtles
-Paddleboard, surfboard, kayak rental
-Shop! There was a Macys, a jewelry store, a store with local art work & more!
Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 6.23.42 PM-Penguin & Koi fish feeding! Every morning at 9:30AM you can head down to the lobby to see these cuties swim & learn more about them!
-Tour of the Stars. Star gazing is amazing at this resort & you get to head up to the rooftop for a star gazing tour & even get champagne & chocolate covered berries
-Head to the Marilyn Monroe spa for a mani/pedi, facial, massage etc! We never went but it has amazing reviews!
-Golf, play basketball or tennis!
-Head to the gym for a complimentary workout class! You can view the classes online or just head to the gym to see the schedule. I took yoga every morning at 7AM & it was 100% worth it! Seeing/hearing the ocean while you focus on being centered & calm is the perfect vaca experience IMO 🙂
Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 11.28.08 AM

Things We Did Nearby the Resort!
Within a 5 minute walking distance you can eat at any other resort restaurant like the Marriot & the Westin! We ate at the Westin one morning & got fresh juices & oats, which was better than our resort breakfast but still pricey. Our favorite breakfast by far was at Castaway Café, which is a little café located between resorts & Whaler’s Village. It’s a place that some locals will head to as well. We got a fruit filled pineapple & Apple Banana  Pancakes (as in an Apple Banana, which is an individual fruit! It’s really sweet & tastes like a cross between an Apple & a banana, hence the name lolllll).

If you walk another 10 minutes & you reach Whaler’s Village! Whaler’s Village has multiple restaurants like Monkey Pod where I got yummy crab legs & for dessert, a coconut Hula Pie!

At Whaler’s Village you can do lots of shopping for clothes, jewelry, shoes etc. Make sure you stop by Honolulu Cookie Co for the BEST macadamia cookies & Choice Health Bar for the best juices & açaí bowls nearby!

Things to keep in mind

-There is a $32 daily resort fee (because of complimentary workout classes, reusable water bottles, photo session ect.)

-It costs $11/day to self park, $22/day for valet. Make sure you tip your valet guy!

-In each room there is an orange & white card you can hang on the door to refuse maid service for the following day. if you do this, you get a $10 credit added to your room each day! We unfortunately didn’t find it until the last couple of days because it was hidden under a book about the resort so look for it 🙂
Overall, I loved this resort! The staff were friendly, the beach was nice, the food was good. Our only complaint was having to deal with resort guests.. We’re not fancy people & it was made very obvious that everyone who stayed here was. Plastic & trash were left on the beach (which I picked up!), two women got into a FIGHT over a pool chair & that Hawaiian Monk Seal I took a photo of? A guy actually brought a chair down to the beach, cracked open a beer & sat 2 feet away from him… There was minimal respect for the island, the resort, the beach, the animals etc. Which is hard to deal with when it’s something you personally love & want to protect. Don’t let other’s attitudes steer you away from staying at this resort! It truly was nice, I just want to be honest about our experience! I’m more of a cheaper resort type of gal, but we did enjoy ourselves as always on the island 😉


2 thoughts on “Maui Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa Review

  1. What an amazing and honest review! It looks just absolutely gorgeous there, Hawaii is on my bucket list. I bet you guys just had the most amazing time, the accommodations (even if some were not up to par) looked safe and beautiful. I wish too that people would respect our planet better, especially in paradise.


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